"Our gloves."

Translation:Τα γάντια μας.

September 25, 2016

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Thought it was τα γάντιά μας


No, not in this case. :) The -ια is pronounced as a single syllable, therefore there's no need to add the second accent. It is "Πηγαίνετε στα δωμάτιά σας" though... :D So, it is this -ια that's pronounced in one syllable, but not the only one:

1 syllable: παπούτσια, κρεβάτια, ψωμιά, κουτιά (if it's already stressed...), γάντια, μπουκάλια

2 syllables: δωμάτια, κιβώτια, δεμάτια, ιμάτια, πλυντήρια


is there any rule behind these two forms of "ια" as one or two syllabi or is it "simply" to listen to the pronunciation?


What`s the difference in the meaning in Τα γάντια μας and Τα γάντια δικά μας?


I think δικά μας means "our own" specifially, while μας just means "our"

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