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"Здесь" vs. "Вот"

I am a bit confused about what these two mean how they are used. Can anyone help me with this?

September 25, 2016



Здесь = In this place (here)

Вот = Here it is (here)

In some situations the can be almost interchangeable, in some not.

Вот мой дом - Here is my house (You are standing in the close proximity and pointing to a building).

Здесь мой дом - I live here (You are standing inside the house). If you are not standing inside a house "Здесь мой дом" is likely to refer to the area or the city.

Вот ручка - here is a pen (your are giving a pen to somebody)

Здесь ручка - would sound strange. You can say "здесь есть ручка", which would mean "There is a pen in this place"..


If I remember correctly, здесь is "here" in general, while вот is the "here" you use when kind of showing something (like: вот мой дом = here is my house). There are comments about this under Discuss sentence which explain it better.


This more or less explains it.


Здесь means just "here" "in this place" Приходи здесь со мной - Home here with me.

Whereas "Вот" is more of an expression. Like "Here you go" "There we go" Вот, нашей ребенок является лучшим" -"There we go, our kid is the best" Вот, здесь ваша гостиница." - Here we go, your hotel is here"

Понимаешь? :)


"Приходи здесь со мной" is incorrect. "Приходи СЮДА со мной" "Вот, НАШ ребенок является лучшим"" but anyway the phrase is weird . "Вот видишь, наш ребенок лучший!"


So only Здесь really means "here". and Вот means you are directing the persons attention to a particular place. right??


Здесь means "here" as a place . "Здесь мыши!" - There are mouse ! "мы остановимся здесь" - we are staying here

Вот can be used with the Здесь either "мы остановимся ВОТ здесь" we are staying right here "ВОТ здесь мыши!" - Mouse are right here

Вот can be used also to underline next word - Вот так - That way - Вот дурак! - he is a true fool.

in some context вот can mean Здесь , but it is just omitting Здесь - Где пиво? - Where is a beer? - вот! (вот здесь) - here you are or - да вот [здесь] же ! - meaning open your eyes and look here


If you know French, вот = voici, and здесь = ici

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