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  5. "László magyar író."

"László magyar író."

Translation:László is a Hungarian writer.

September 25, 2016



László Krasznahorkai? (Or many other Lászlós I'm sure!)


The hungarian language has very many special letters that does not exist on my keyboard. When I am not able to write the word correctly because of this everything stops.


Sure, that could be annoying; however, you must spell the language with the correct letters anyway. On computers, you can change your keyboard layout to Hungarian to get access to those characters. On mobile, you can enable Hungarian language on your keyboard.

Note that the Hungarian keyboard is based on the German keyboard, so Z and Y are flipped. Ö Ő Ű can be accessed by the keys to the right of P, L, or by holding down on O, U on mobile.


You can also access letters when it asks you to write something in Hungarian the special letters will appear beneath the part where you write your answer.


Only on the website however.
On mobile, I guess they've figured you could easily switch keyboard layout with visual support.


maybe download the keyboard on the Operating System Language Settings. Both Android, and iOS, and Windows, and MacOS has this


Where's the verb here? Sounds more like "Laszló, the Hungarian writer"


The verb is "van" - which must be omitted in these types of sentences.


Why not author?


Should we translate a name?


László, Laslo and Lazlo should all be accepted answer.
But writing a name as it's originally written can be a sign of respect.


So author is incorrect here???


I thought Laszlo was a french singer (Viktor)


"László magyar író." Translation:László is a Hungarian writer. The accepted translation is Wrong as the "a'' referes to a single one that would be "László egy magyar író". Kezdem azt hinni, hogy szánt szándékkal torzították a magyart olyan nehézzé, és bonyolultá, hogy lehetetlen küldetés legyen. I start to think that Hungarian was intentionally deformed to be so difficult that it would be a mission impossible. -- Is that correct?


No. In Hungarian the "egy" is rarely used whereas in in English is must be used. "László is Hungarian writer" is not proper English.


My translation was correct but it is constantly being refused


"A Hungarian author" was not accepted. I do not see why.


An "author" is not the same as a "writer"; author is "szerző"

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