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New Chapter; Starting To Learn Polish.

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I fancy something a bit different...

So today I've decided to start a new journey; learning Polish!

This is a BIG challenge for me as I have ZERO knowledge of the Eastern European languages or of their specific cultures.

I'm a native English speaker (born in England) and I'm wondering what other tools you have used besides Duolingo to help master this language?

I am also keen to start learning Russian as well, however, I'm wondering is it similar to Polish or is it completely different?

Thank you for your advice and guidance as always.


September 25, 2016



I can't say I've used these tools to master the language yet because I'm very, very far from mastery, but here are some I'm using and am finding helpful. There may be some overlap with the Duolingo Wiki, but I don't think all of these are on there. :)

Wiktionary - This is a multilingual dictionary. It has etymologies, conjugations, declensions, related words, translations to other languages... And you can even use it in Polish (Main Page in Polish), which may have some Polish words the English version doesn't, though that works both

Polish Grammar in a Nutshell - Very helpful grammar book, if you like those. I personally haven't used it as much because boring grammar books are not really my thing, but I've seen it recommended by others.

Polish Wikipedia - Amazingly useful once you've got a decent grasp of the language. Also useful if you want to find the official Polish name for something in English (or vice versa): Go to the page, and look at the "In other languages" ("W innych językach") section in the sidebar. Click the language you want and it will take you to the same page in the other language.

TastingPoland - Verb tables, the most amazing things imaginable. Also Polish recipes. The recipes are written in English, though some of them at least were not written by a native speaker and occasionally need some detective skills to figure out what they mean.

Polonia Music - Polish music. Videos, lyrics, guitar chords. Christmas, classical, folk, religious, dance... And some links to other resources as well. I highly recommend Mazowsze (you can search YouTube for these), Rokiczanka, Zespół Pieśni i Tańca "Śląsk", and Zespołu Pieśni i Tańca UJ Słowianki. I don't know your music tastes but you can also check out Czesław Niemen. They're not my thing but I've seen them recommended many times, so they must not be too bad by most people's standards.

Mylanguages - A useful website with tons of languages, not just Polish, and pages on grammar, vocabulary, phrases... There's also a link to a Polish radio station, though I haven't listened to it and so I don't know if it's any good, and a few other resources. Mostly I've found this useful for vocabulary, but also on occasion for grammar.

Random Phrasebook - A random phrasebook I came across a while ago, which I've found very useful.

Beginning Polish by Alexander Schenker - These are the audio files for the grammar book I bought (this one). They're free and amazing.

Polish for Dummies - Very useful for getting a grasp on the language. Also has a CD with audio files, and amazing explanations of how to pronounce things like consonant clusters.

These are all free except for Polish for Dummies and the book that the Beginning Polish audio files go with. The audio files themselves are free.

Hopefully you find some of these useful! :)

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I can't thank you enough for these links!


The Polish wikibook has some good explanations, and there are some good resources linked from the Polish page on the wiki.

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That's much appreciated mate thanks!


Be careful. ;-) When I got really into it, my English (native, American) started feeling Eastern European. Like I was Robin Williams doing his Russian voice. I posted something to this effect on the Polish discussion board and I guess it's common.

I take apple.

The more serious thing you will have to deal with are all the grammatical cases. And the letter combinations. Oy.

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I've been battling with the grammatical cases today. I've struggled a bit but i'll try harder tomorrow.

I guess the more time you put into it hopefully the easier it will get!


I have the same issue


Powodzenia :D (it means "good luck") Polish is similar to Russian, because both are Slavic, but we can't understand everything, it's not like Czech-Slovak and Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian-Montenegrin. So knowing one will definitely help, but if you want to speak both, you have to learn both ;)

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I guess i'll just have to try and learn both then :) thank you for your comment. I'm just going to take it slow (very slow) and see where it will take me!

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That is sooo cool thank you :P


it is really nice page, thanks!


I love Czeslaw Niemen. He's got soul! :)

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