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Lingvist now offers Russian & Spanish

I'm a big fan of using both Duolingo & Lingvist to learn French. They complement each other nicely. Now they are offering Spanish and Russian in case anybody wants to give them a try.


They are both available in beta.

September 25, 2016


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I have a subscription for the French course. I have asked for a notification for the Spanish course. How can i start the beta course for Spanish?

I have asked for inviting me for the beta course spanish.

September 25, 2016


Logout and go back to their webpage. You'll see the new courses available at the bottom of the page. Click on one of them, give them your email and they will send you an invitation soon. I haven't tried them because I'm not interested in any so I don't know what "soon" means.

September 25, 2016


True dat. Duolingo + Lingvist makes a mean learning machine. I also used to use Lingvist for French and it is really really good. Has some extra vocabulary that doesn't appear here on Duolingo. Really excited for the upcoming Spanish course.

September 26, 2016


I am really interested, I sent them a request for trying beta a week ago,and never got it.

September 26, 2016


I sent them an email expressing interest on September 2nd. Beta started, I believe, on the 11th, and I received an invite on the 23rd. Not sure how much that info will help, but it might give some idea of a wait time.

September 26, 2016



September 26, 2016


Thanks for letting us know!

September 26, 2016
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