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"Bemegyünk, eszünk, iszunk és kimegyünk az étteremből."

Translation:We go in, eat, drink and go out of the restaurant.

September 25, 2016



Of the four verbs here, it seems to me that only 'kimegyünk' is a good match for 'étteremből'. That is, only ki- goes with -ből. This lack of match is permitted?

I would have thought we would need to say something more like: 'We go into the restaurant, eat and drink at the restaurant, and go out of the restaurant'.


Why is "eszünk" not translated as "we eat", and why is "iszunk" not translated as "we drink" ? Anyone? Thanks!


In English it isn't necessary to repeat the subject "we" each time. It's OK if you do, but you would usually only repeat it this many times if you were really trying to make a point with the repetition. Like if you were making a speech and really trying to make each verb as emphatic as possible.


Thanks again "jsiehler". That makes sense. It will be nice when the program applies that concept consistantly. I hope we are contributing to that end with our reports. Some of the units use very literal translation from Hungarian to English that makes only "garbled" sense, so I am often swayed to attempt the same thing. It's not the best approach to learning.


... és kijövünk az étteremből.


Egy nagyon helyes magyar mondat, de nem szól helyesen angolul. Az én véleményem szerint nem helyes szóról szóra lefordítani ilyen féle mondatokat. The English translation sounds awful.

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What would be the best English translation here?


In English, we'd probably put "the restaurant" on the "going in" part. It makes more sense. But, as ion1122 said, since the verb has "bol," the "restaurant" has to go with the going out.


Sajnos az angol nem az én anyanyelvem, se nem tanultam valamelyik angol beszélő országba. Tanácskoznak valakivel aki jobban megfelel.


Why that is wrong: "we go into, we eat, we drink, and we go out from the restaurant"?


weird - I wrote exactly the same thing and it marked it incorrect...

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