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Translation:I am resting

September 25, 2016



Not wrong, but the more common translations are:

Ξεκουράζομαι ("I un-tire/de-tire myself"): I am resting
I am relaxing: ρηλαξάρω, κάνω ρηλάξ :-D (old school: χαλαρώνω)

[EDIT: The English answer has been changed by now.]


All are included.


Yes, my answer was accepted. My comment was more of a pointer for those following after. Here are some standard phrases and their translations where switching those two Greek words would not be correct:

Relax! Χαλάρωσε!
Take a rest! Ξεκουράσου!
(At the doctor:) You need to rest your leg. Πρέπει να ξεκουράζεις το πόδι σου.
Relax your leg! Χαλάρωσε το πόδι σου!
He likes to relax on the p.orch every evening. Του αρέσει να χαλαρώνει στην βεράντα κάθε βράδυ.
Grandpa is resting/taking a rest. Ο παππούς ξεκουράζεται.
We did a lot of work, let's rest a little. Κάναμε πολλή δουλειά, ας ξεκουραστούμε λιγάκι.


thanks for sharing. very interesting.


Can anyone explain what is the difference between the verbs ξεκουράζω and ξεκουράζομαι ? When I looked them up, they both mean “to rest” .


"Ξεκουράζω" is transitive, whereas "ξεκουράζομαι" is reflexive.

I rest whenever I can.=Ξεκουράζομαι όποτε μπορώ (reflexive).

We rest our feet before the marathon.=Ξεκουράζουμε τα πόδια μας πριν από τον μαραθώνιο (transitive).


Good reply. To add a little more (since I was still unsure and had to look it up).

Transitive verbs need an object to act on : I rest my feet (Ξεκουράζω τα πόδια μου)

Reflexive (or non-transitive) verbs stand on their own : I rest (Ξεκουράζομαι)


Hm. In medicine they tought us the word "pedes" to mean a foot, but at the same time they tought us the word "pediater" to mean a childrens doctor. Here I read the word ποδια to mean feet and the word παεδια to mean children. Hm. I hope I have understood this correctly when I write paediatric for a childrens doctor and podiatric for an orthopedian. Anyway, you brought me light. Thank you!


cf. ancient Gk παῖς, παιδός (child), παιδάριον (male child, boy), πούς, ποδός (foot--Latin pes, pedis). n.b. the shift from the nominative form.


Thanks. Reflexive and transitive are difficult for us English to understand as we don’t have different verbs for this.


Apparently αναπαύομαι is a synonym: https://el.wiktionary.org/wiki/ξεκουράζομαι I'm used to αναπαύομαι from ancient Gk. Are they used differently or are they true synonyms? One of the examples given, Δεν μπορεί να σας μιλήσει τώρα, αναπαύεται, seems like a true synonym. Ευχαριστώ


Ξεκουράζομαι is more like the everyday word. Αναπαύομαι is formal and is also used for dead people. Αναπαύεται is something Darya Alexadrovna would say to Alexei Kirillovich visiting the sick Anna Karenina :P. It is correct, but don't use it in everyday speech.

P.S: Added it as an accepted translation.


Is it like this? Κουραζομαι: I am tired. Ξεκουραζομαι: I am resting.


For what I understand, yes !

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