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  5. "The hen is drinking water."

"The hen is drinking water."

Translation:Η κότα πίνει νερό.

September 25, 2016



Why is "Ο κότα πίνει ύδωρ." incorrect?

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Unfortunately ύδωρ is not used in modern Greek, it's found only in compound words like υδροηλεκτρική ενέργεια - hydroelectric power. If someone used it, it would seem like they had traveled forward in time and their Greek is not up to date! :)

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Hi, I just noticed this should be: Η κότα...


I wonder why it would not accept κότα as correct? (July 2017)


Κότα is the best translation. Are you sure that the article you used was η and not το, or ο?


The strange thing is it said, you used the wrong word: and it corrected Kota (sorry only my phone has the greek letters) and gave the longer word, which almost looks like in English it would be henbird, lol --but what I did was type the word Kota that it gives in the dropdown "hint" from clicking on the underlined word for hen. That's why I was surprised it was wrong.


Yes, I'm afraid that you probably used the wrong article. That's how Duolingo works. If you use the wrong article, it actually marks the noun wrong, if there is an alternative translation with the article you chose. In this case, το κοτόπουλο (which translates to chicken. :P)

Make sure to always check your article's gender. ^.^


Why adding είναι after κότα is wrong?

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NO, that does not exist in Greek. In English you can write: "The hen is drinking water." in Greek, you can only write. "Η κότα πίνει νερό.."

It is wrong to try to translate each word. Look at the translations given at the top of this page.

These hints will show you how to always have the right translation.


1 Use the Drop-Down hints to help you translate.

Pass your cursor over a word and a list of translations will appear

Always use the top word/phrase.

This will assure that you always have the right translation

2 Read the Tips & notes, on the first page of each lesson you’ll see TIPS. Click on that.

3 Always read the comments before posting. Check the heading on the page to see the sentence and its translation. Click on any blue words for more definitions.

4 If your translation is rejected you should carefully compare what you wrote with the answer given. If you do not see a mistake use the Report options at the foot of the exercise page to Report issues such as My answer should be accepted.

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