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'Report a Problem' not working

Is anyone else finding that if you click on 'Report a Problem' only the first option will work? Also there's no way you can fill in the 'Other' window - it's always greyed out. Over the past four days I've been reporting this and reporting this to Duolingo and nothing has changed. Now I'm beginning to wonder if this is something specific to my computer (MacBook) and/or my browser (Safari 5.1.10)

February 11, 2014



I believe it is browser specific. I'll look into the problem, thanks for the report!


Thanks heaps. It always worked just fine up until the change to the new 'look' :-(

I don't wish to carp but it does look, (from all the posts that have followed on from the change ) as though someone didn't check thoroughly for bugs and potential issues with different OS and browser versions!


Hey EHurtt! We do a lot of testing internally before updates go out. Unfortunately, some bugs did get through. Appreciate the report!


Three weeks later and it's clear that I'm not the only person with this/these problems and yet nothing has changed. I've had a couple of patronising queries as to whether or not I'm using archaic browsers or OS (I'm not). I check into Duolingo every couple of days to see if anything's been fixed but to be honest it's too frustrating to use at the moment, much as I miss it.


I have the same problem with my Safari as well.


Same & I'm on Ipad

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