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  5. "Θέλω να έχω τηλεόραση."

"Θέλω να έχω τηλεόραση."

Translation:I want to have a television.

September 26, 2016



I want a tv should be accepted


Thank you it has been added. I can't believe it wasn't already one of the accepted translations.


"I want a television" wasn't accepted for me but should be


Still not accepted


It wasn't added after all, from what I see. I believe it's better like that, since the original sentence has the verb "to have" in it.


Do you really have to translate this as "I want to have a television"? Simply "I want a TV" works just fine.


Both are correct as a teaching site we try to cover as many words as possible.


"I want a television" was marked wrong but is a more natural translation of this


What you have is an interpretation of the main idea but for teaching purposes, it should be closer to the original which says, "I want to have a television."


I put "I want to own a television". My Collins Greek dictionary gives "to own" as a valid translation for "έχω.


Sometimes it's translated with "a" and sometimes not. I can't quite grasp when it's proper.


Here are the times we do not use "a" in English: when something is plural (ok, you know that :-)) and when something is uncountable for example: "She gave me perfume for my birthday.'' "The food needs oil." and many more. If you want to send me examples with and without "a" to explain. Please note that in Eng. we use "a/an" a lot more than in Greek.


jaye16, do you think that it would be acceptable to omit the article if we don't refer to the actual appliance but tv in general, similarly to when we say than someone works in tv? I mean, if I want to be able to watch tv programmes but I don't really care if I watch it on an actual tv appliance or on my laptop/phone or whatever, in this case could I say "I want to have tv"? If not, how would we phrase it, in order to make clear that we don't want the appliance but the ability to watch?


Thanks. Sometimes I feel I need English lessons. hahah


in the translation from English to Greek you can include or omit the indefinite article "μιά", i.e. you can also say: "Θέλω να έχω μιά τηλεόραση"

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