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"Το παιδί περπατά πάντα στο πεζοδρόμιο."

Translation:The child always walks on the sidewalk.

September 26, 2016



"The child walks always on the sidewalk" should be accepted since it's the literal translation (regarding the most common order)


'footpath' should also be accepted

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Πεζοδρόμιο is always paved while footpaths can be paths of just dirt in the countryside so probably not an ideal translation.


Oh D...huum, I don’t think you are English.

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I thought you already knew that! :)

I see now that footpaths may be paved and be by a road, but considering a footpath has a wider range of meanings, including a non-paved path, I still don't think it is an ideal translation. Anything that's not a πεζοδρόμιο is a μονοπάτι (για τους πεζούς). And then you have πεζόδρομος. Arguably, there is some overlap, but I am in favour of separating terms as much as possible because what translation works one way may not work in reverse. ;)


Well, I think Jim is right here. A North American 'sidewalk' is, for most practical purposes, the equivalent of a European-English 'pavement'. So to mark 'sidewalk' as correct but 'pavement' as incorrect seems a bit perverse and unnecessary.


my answer is : The child always walks on the pavewalk where is the mistake?


As an English speaker I have never heard the word “ pavewalk”. Yes “pavement”, yes “sidewalk”, yes in England “path” but pavewalk never.


If Duolingo has a different answer It can give me its answer. I believe however that, it can't reject my answer


The word pavewalk it isn't mine.The word has been given in another exercise with the translation " πεζοδρομιο"


Pavewalk is imaginary. Sidewalk is American

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