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"Αυτό είναι το περιοδικό το οποίο πρόκειται να διαβάσω."

Translation:This is the magazine which I am going to read.

September 26, 2016



I think "this is the magazine that I'm going to read" should be accepted

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Yes, of course, and I was so sure it was in the incubator. Many thanks.


Instead of το οποίο, can we say 'που'?


    Yes, we can!
    In fact this is used most often in spoken Greek, for brevity, when there is no ambiguity about the noun it replaces. Ο οποίος / η οποία / το οποίο are also used, and add a fair amount of emphasis, unlike 'που'.

    (Copying from a previous comment of mine here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10157278 :)

    O οποίος etc is favoured when που creates confusion or is repeated:

    • Confusion:

    Έχασα το κουτί με τις φωτογραφίες που μου έδωσε χθες. = I lost the box with the photos that (he) gave me yesterday. The question is, does "that" refer to the photos or the box? See below how replacing που with which in greek clears this up completely in each case.

    Έχασα το κουτί με τις φωτογραφίες τις οποίες μου έδωσε χθες.

    Έχασα το κουτί με τις φωτογραφίες το οποίο μου έδωσε χθες.

    • Repetition

    Η καθηγήτρια που διδάσκει μουσική έχει μια φωνή που μαγεύει τα παιδιά. (The professor that teaches music has a voice that enchants the children.)

    Η καθηγήτρια η οποία διδάσκει μουσική έχει μια φωνή με την οποία μαγεύει τα παιδιά.


    Thanks a lot for clarifying so well these nuances!


    why is it διαβάσω nοτ διαβάζω?


    "Διαβάζω" would be fine if the sentence were more like this: "This is the magazine which I will be reading during my holidays", emphasizing the duration of the action ;)


    Can you use "ότι" instead of "οποίο"?


      No, ότι is not a pronoun so it cannot replace another word. It means 'that' only in the sense of 'I said that I am going out'. You cannot replace 'that' with 'which' in that sentence.


      So in summary:

      το οποίο = which

      ό,τι = that / that which / whichever


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      Το οποίο=which/that, ό,τι=whichever, whatever.


      "This is the magazine that I am going to read" should also be accepted.

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      If you read the other comments on this page you'll see that "This is the magazine that I am going to read." is already accepted. If it wasn't then you should have made a Report at the bottom of the exercise page before you posted here.

      That way we can see your sentence and find out why it wasn't accepted.

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