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"Az osztrák turisták a híres épületeknél fényképeznek."

Translation:The Austrian tourists are taking photos by the famous buildings.

September 26, 2016



Why cant you say they are "taking photos at the buildings"?


"At" could mean inside the buildings but "by" is definitely ouside.


Probably it hasn!t been added yet. Please report it as an alternative translation.


You left out "famous".


Because the -nál/nél endings communicate proximity next to something. While, in one sense, "at the buildings" would be correct, it doesn't capture the Hungarian nuance of what "Az épületeknél" means in English. The preposition "at" has versatile meanings. It can be positional/stative (i.e. AT home) and it can be directional/animated (i.e. throwing something AT someone).


My answer should be accepted. It was: The Austrian tourists are taking pictures at famous buildings. I believe this satisfies the required criteria. If not, why not?


Try "The Austrian tourists are taking pictures at the famous buildings". I think they want "the famous buildings". If this one's not accepted, then report it.


I believe I understand that owing to differences in article usage between the two languages the first "the" could be omitted (e.g. "Austrian tourists take photos by the famous buildings." which is not currently accepted, however)

Does something like that also apply for the second "the"? I.e. could this sentence also be translated by either of the below?

  • Austrian tourists take photos by famous buildings.
  • The Austrian tourists take photos by famous buildings.
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