A useful tool for the accent marks

Hello everybody! If also you have doubts on the accent marks , I suggest you this helpful tool:

I wish you all a good day! :-)

September 26, 2016


What an interesting site! Thank you! I wrote «Это овен» and the accents go over «Э́то ове́н.» But I was said that the accent must be on "óвен".

September 26, 2016

Both are correct. Óвен is one of the zodiac signs. Овéн means "sheep", but it is an old word, although it is still used. But the first one is more often used.

I thought almost all Russian words were old. :) And «овен», I meant the animal.

In reality, i do not remember if i ever met a person who was using the word овен as an animal. It is more common to say баран, овца.

So you all say "Овен" and not "овен", right?

Currently, the zodiac sign is "О́вен" and a sheep's husband (a ram) is "бара́н". The last word is offensive when applied to a male person :)

No, we use both words, but in the meaning of zodiac sign, not animal :)))

I thank you for your explanation. :-)

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