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Greek word list?

I've been using Duo Lingo earlier, and as far as I can remember, there was a word list feature, where you could find all the words you're supposed to know according to the progress made in the language course. Is this feature also available for Greek?

September 26, 2016



For the languages that doesn't have the word list yet:

Open another tab in your browser, open in that tab a language that has a word list (French,...).

Go back to the tab with the Greek language.

Return to the new tab (French,...) and the word list is changed from French to your language (Greek,...)


Thanks, I'll try this out as soon as I'll start a second course.


My feeling is that Duolingo has stopped with the word lists in anticipation of the tinycards releases which will have the vocab built in.


Does not work. When I do this, I am redirected to the home page of greek language. Any other solution?

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