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  5. "Το τσιμέντο είναι γκρι."

"Το τσιμέντο είναι γκρι."

Translation:The cement is gray.

September 26, 2016



"cement is grey" should be accepted without the article

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Contextually yes, but as a translation exercise we accept both.


Some one syllable Greek words have an accent. Can you also say "γρκί"?


The only case I know where it's correct to use an accent on monosyllabic words is with "πως" and "που" and it depends: 1. πώς Πώς gets stressed to indicate a direct or indirect question of "how" and takes no stress to indicate a a connected relation (similar to "ότι"). a) Πώς in indirect question: "Ξέρει πώς να δέσει τα παπούτσια του" (He knows how to tie his shoelaces) b) Πώς in a direct question: "Πώς τρως τα αυγά σου;" (How do you you eat your eggs?) c) Πως as a connected relation: "Κατάλαβα πως τη στεναχώρησα" (I realized that I upset her)

  1. πού Πού gets stressed to indicate an indirect or direct question of "where" and takes no stress when used as a relative pronoun a) In a direct question: "Πού πήγες χτες;" (Where did you go yesterday?) b) As a relative pronoun: "Ο σκύλος που με δάγκωσε" (the dog that bit me)


Also personal pronouns can have an accent and are one syllable

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