"No, I am not going away from these beautiful girls."

Translation:Nem, nem megyek el ezektől a gyönyörű lányoktól.

September 26, 2016

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I don't understand, when is "megyek el" used instead of "elmegyek"?


Here, it is "megyek el" because it comes after the negative "nem". I go away = "elmegyek", I don't go away = "nem megyek el".


"szep" was rejected. Someone spend the time here to explain that "szep" should be used for physical appearance, in particular. I reported it, just in case.


@Gerard (sorry, won't let my reply) szép is just pretty, not beautiful


Szép was accepted and elmegyek was accepted but Duo said it should have been el megyek (i.e with a space). My answer was accepted but el megyek seems curious to me. Any explanations? I understand that the negative and the use of megyek el was probably better.


It is a mistake.

Nem nem el megyek ezektől a [gyönyörű/szép] lányoktól. was accepted. It shouldn't have been.

Sorry, this means your answer also should not be accepted. (elmegyek)

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