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  5. "Our cat eats fish."

"Our cat eats fish."

Translation:Nuestra gata come pescado.

February 7, 2013



I wrote "Nuestra gato come pescado" and it said the correct answer was "nuestra gatA come pescado" It only says "nuestro gato come pescado" as an option here when I go to post about it. I want to know why the gender of the cat is directly related to the gender of the people? Seems to me it should be interchangeable.


You maybe confusing nuestro/nuestra with nosotros/nosotras. nuestro/nuestra is just "our" and the gender of the people it refers to is irrelevant to the sentence. But the word itself must agree with the object that it owns.


Like rocko says. Nuestro/a is an adjective and it must agree with the noun it modifies, gato/a


i said nuestro gato and it corrected me saying nuestra gata. i'm guessing its a lil glitch. :P


Same. I feel cheated!


It said nuestra because it said gata as in female cat not gato as in male I think


Yes I missed reading that before I started the exercise. Figures it out when I got burned again and saw someone ask basically the sane thing. Thanks for the prompt answer guys!


Where do u go to read about the exercise? I don't see that in the app


Jazzdragon and rocko really add a great discussion for this sentence. I often wondered since starting this program whether "nuestro/a" depends on the object or the people behind the "our". Well said to both of you, and thanks for the clarification, rocko.


Yes, thank you! I was confused on that too. You've cleared it up for me.


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Ok, I get it now. Thank you for explaining this. That was making not sense to me.


Excellent explanation; thanks!


because you cant put 2 genders together, it has to be nuestro gato or nuestra gata.


this is Spain spanish, Duolingo should put Latin American spanish, because I don't think LA (Latin American) spanish has a gender for cats.


Costa Rica uses "gata" for female cats--I was corrected when writing a bilingual "Lost cat/gata perdida" sign here.


What is female horses?

Male is caballo


What is the difference between Nuestros/Nuestro or Nuestras/Nuestra?


They all mean "our", but the ending (-o/-os/-a/-as) changes to match the noun that follows it. e.g. Nuestro(s) gato(s)=Our cat(s) vs. Nuestra(s) gata(s)=our (female) cat(s). https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080930165351AAaUGuK


I got it right by saying, "Nuestro gato come pescados." isn't there just one fish?


"Pescado" and "pescados" could both be right in this case, simply because just like in English, one fish is a "fish", and multiple fish is "fish" as well (unless there are different species involved, which is a totally different story). :)


It would be good if a voiced translation could be be added to these 3-option sentences. The more spoken Spanish the better!


I put nuestro gato come pescado. It told me it was incorrect and it should be "nuestra gata come pescado". I dont understand why it changes to feminine. Can someone help me please.


That's weird... Report it. It might be because Duo sometimes prefers using the feminine form of words sometimes even though it doesn't matter... Your sentence "nuestro gato" means "our cat" so it should've been accepted.


That is weird. Feminine is most of the time only used when the sentence says that there's a female. Hmm... I agree with neiht20. Report it.


why is comen wrong in this sentence?


Because the verb has to match the subject, which comes before the verb in statements. "comer" needs to match "nuestro gato" in this sentence, "gato" is just one cat, so the verb has to be singular as well: "nuestro gato come". "comen" is used with plural nouns, e.g. if there was more than 1 cat then it would be "nuestros gatos comen".


I wrote Nuestro gata come pescado. and it say It should be "Nuestro gata come pescado." But says the answer should be Nuestra gata come pescado. Just the exact opposite of what it gave Jazzdragon022.


"Nuestra gata come pescado" and "nuestro gato come pescado" are both correct. "Nuestro gata" or "nuestra gato" are incorrect. Remember nouns and their respective possessives must match in gender and number.


It did not accept "Nuestros gato come pescado". How should I know that this is feminine?


"Nuestros" is used for indicating possession of multiple things. Since "gato/gata" is singular, you would need to use "nuestro/nuestra".


kris- gato and gata is accepted, but you put nuestros instead of nuestro.


omg cast are so cute


How does that make sense why does it have to agree with the noun what if it is a group of guys (they nuesrtos) and a female cat (gata)


It's just something you have to remember. Even if "we" are all guys, it would still be "nuestra gato", if you wanted to be more specific though could say "la gata de nosotros".


Actually, who owns the cats is irrelevant, as you said. It's the gender of the word being used. Gata has become common usage top indicate a female cat. It is a feminine singular noun so all the modifiers for it must be feminine singular.

Nuestra gata OR nuestro gato are correct, but you cannot modify gato with nuestra nor gata with nuestro.

The best way to remember it is to think of what is being modified. In this case you are answering 'which cat' not 'which owners' do the owners don't have anything to do with which word for our you use.


to (not top) 1st para so (not do) 3rd para


i dont understand the diffrence between nuestras and nuestros. please help!


Possessive adjectives always match in number with the nouns that follow them. E.g. My catMy cats=Mi gatoMis gatos. However, "our" (nuestro) goes further and much match not only in number, but also in gender. E.g. Nuestro(s) gato(s)=Our cat(s) vs. Nuestra(s) gata(s)=our (female) cat(s). The difference lies in whether the noun after it is masculine or femenine, however, nuestro(s)/nuestra(s) all mean "our" in English. http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/possadj.htm


Why I cant say "nuestra gata come pescado" can u say why its wrong ? :/

[deactivated user]

    I get that nuestra has to do with gata and that Nuestro has to do with gato, but why is it nuestra gata pescado instead of nuestro gato pescado? does it matter?


    It shouldn't matter whether or not you say "nuestra gata/nuestro gato come pescado". They both mean "our cat eats fish".


    Instead of figuring out how you are right and the app is wrong... assume you are wrong


    Sometimes the app doesn't accept a correct answer and sometimes people learn a lot from explanations as to why they were indeed wrong. The discussion section has been very helpful for me


    I thought gato was masculine and so it should be Nuestro gato , right? I'm confused.


    You're right, it should be "nuestro gato". "Our cat" could be both "nuestro gato" or "nuestra gata", depending on whether the cat was male or female, you shouldn't have been marked wrong for that, report it.


    Peces??? What is that


    Nouns that end in "z" change the "z" to a "c" when you pluralize it. "Pez" becomes "peces" when plural. "Pez"=fish (singular), "peces"=fish (plural)


    Why pez is not correct??


    Pescado is preferred when speaking of fish as food


    I thought "come" was only used for first person. Guess not. Must just be for singular?


    Nope, "come" is used for the singular 3rd person (él, ella, usted). "Como" would be the first person (I eat).




    Right out of the aquarium


    How do i know if the cat is gato or gata


    "gato"=male cat, "gata"=female cat

    If you don't know, then just go with "gato".


    Nuestars Nuestros get me mix up


    Could this not also be 'Nuestro gato come pescado? When and why is a cat male or female?


    It told me to put nuestro so the conjugation should be gato which is what i put. It said it was wrong.


    Duolingo gave me this solution "Nuestro minino come pescado" I had to google the word because to date this word has not been used in any of the exercises, the translation is "my child" i have flad and reported the glitch.


    wth is minino?? i thought gato is cat


    I said nuestra gata come pescado and it said nuestra minimi come pescado. Wtw?



    We all men of us (nuestro) gata ( female cat) drinks milk

    Nuestro gata bebe leche.

    Why is this wrong?


    Is there a reason they want to use pescado instead of pez?


    Finally a normal sentence about a cat....

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