"This is not a cup, but a mug."

Translation:Ez nem csésze, hanem bögre.

September 26, 2016

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Couldn't I slip "egy" in front of the nouns here?


Yep. "Ez nem egy csésze, hanem egy bögre." Althought i would stick to the original.


Or slip just one "egy". I would put it in front of the second noun. Just for a slight emphasis:

Ez nem csésze, hanem egy bögre.

But either way is fine.


But a mug is a sort of cup!

Wiktionary (emphasis mine):

bögre (plural bögrék)

mug (a large cup for hot liquids, usually having a handle and used without a saucer)

Then again, Wikipedia has Csésze_(edény) linked to Teacup. I suppose edény/vessel is closer to what I mean by cup? Nah, Wikipedia links that to container, Pohár to cup, Üveg to glass, but that's the material, and they only have a list of various drinking vessels under glassware for drinking glass. Google translate gives ivópoharak literally drinking (ivó from iszik, inni) glasses/cups? This is going in circles . . .

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