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"Lo vamos a obtener y no nos importa cómo."

Translation:We are going to obtain it and we do not care how.

February 7, 2013



I wrote 'We are going to get it, no matter how' which seems a lot more elegant than the suggested translation


My answer "we are going to obtain it and it doesn't matter to us how" was correct, because i translated "nos" as "to us"


Mine was similar, but rejected: "We are going to obtain it and to us it doesn't matter how."


Make sure you submit that. It's a unusual phrasing but certainly not wrong.


I wrote the same thing and was rejected too, ugh.


Sigh, crrrivers. Sounds correct to me


I did the same, thinking that it wasn't very good grammar, but I figured they'd count it wrong if I just left out the "to us." I am always second-guessing them WRONG.


I wrote: 'We are going to get it and it is not important how' too but the 'nos importa' would show 'to us'...


The majority of English speakers did exactly that... DL flagged...


I think that should be accepted. "Get it" means the same thing as "obtain it" 'We are going to obtain it, no matter how' is an accepted answer.


The problem is we all forgot the indirect object. "Get it" is correct, but we're missing "to us"


Same here. It was marked as wrong.


I put "We will get it, no matter how." Another elegant, natural sentence


we are going to obtain it and how is not important to us....this should be accepted but it wasn't. i cannot understand why.


what an awkward sentence.


Why? I think that it's fantastic..


Duolingo needs to learn to accept non-literal translations. "We are going to obtain it and it is not important to us how" is a sentence that has never been spoken by a native English speaker in the history of the world.


"we are going to obtain it and it isn't important how" should be accepted


your "it isn't important" is a very different construction in Spanish. It drops out the "we don't care" aspect ("nos") and replaces it with an impersonal aspect.


Correct. "we're going to obtain it and it is not important to us how" worked for me.


Then my translation shouldn't have been accepted either, and it was. I forgot about the "nos" and translated this as "We are going to get it and it doesn't matter how". Duolingo accepted it. Maybe I should report it, and tell them to take away my heart, lol,,,


but you wrote "obtain in"....perhaps that was the problem


Ding! Ding! Ding! This Verbs: Phrasal Future Tense lesson 2'' section is so frustrating. I am about to give up entirely. I am very unhappy that DL seems to be throwing its own interpretation into things here. I wrote "We are going to obtain it and no matter to us how" reasoning that «nos» was important yet DL offered two correct solutions; the one underneath the title above and also "We are going to obtain it and it matters not how". The second 'correct' solution does not contain an "us" or a "we" in it. Where did the «nos» go?


I, too, am annoyed at being told I am wrong by a computer. Computers do not speak any language better than humans, apart from binary.


In the sentence "Lo vamos a obtener y no nos importa cómo", the "nos" is doing reference to Us, like Grytr said; So, if you translate it like "... it isn't important how" you are losing some information, because now, you do not know "WHO doesn't care how?"(WE don't care). About "We are going to obtain it and no matter to us how", it is Ok, I do not know why duolingo does not accept it.


The English sentence is unnatural, no native would speak like this. "We are going to get it..." is a natural construction.


i've just started my lesson for today, and I'm already tempted to click on No Listening Exercises. I am sick of this woman and her lack of volume, her ' broad' pronunciation ,and this breathy style which doesn't impress me!! It just means I keep getting so many of her spoken things wrong! I dont miss much with the male voice.


I completely agree - see below...


what's wrong with "and it's not important how" for the second part of the sentence?


Important is "importante", but "no importar" is to not care. i.e. "No me importa" = I don't care.


or "It doesn't matter to me"


"It doesn't care me" :)

Importa literally is more like concern "It doesn't concern me" or something like that. I think in the old days in English they just said "import" a lot for the same purpose.


The reflexive form says it is not important to us. That is different from it is not important.


I think if you wanted to say it like that you'd need to say "...y no está imprtante cómo." Although the two variations likely would send the same message, I think DL wanted you to phrase it more along the lines of '...and it isn't important to us how.' I think DL has since altered this one to contain 'it isn't important how' as an accepted variation solely because the same thought it conveyed even if the words vary.


Nope, they haven't changed it. Just forgot "to us" on 28 de mayo 2014


I wrote the same thing as Kassandra and it was not accepted. We is implied.


Why not we will achieve it?


Y 'cómo'? What's the accent good for?


Cómo = how, Como = like


'We are going to obtain it AND no matter how' why incorrect? :-(


I put don't mind how and it was not allowed. It most certainly should be - it's more polite


I think "we are going to get it and we don't mind how" should be accepted as it has the same meaning as "We are going to obtain it and we do not care how"


I had exactly the same thing the app suggested, but it did igot out wrong?


I wrote "we are going to get it and do not care how" apparently it needed to say "we do not care how"


I wrote "We are going to obtain it and do not care how." but Duolingo wanted a redundant "we" after the "and."


It seems we took a dark turn somewhere. We used to talk about children eating apples, and me cooking chicken. Now it's all getting girls for other people, finding victims, questioning citizenship, and chains on boats.


Again Duolingo we have a problem. Obtener according to this app translates into the following: obtain, get, receive. Why is this app favoring obtain versus get? I am becoming increasingly disappointed especially since I paid for it. I appreciate the additional levels but if we are going to initiate a bickering contest in docking me for a correct alternative response I am not happy. Clearly your app needs some serious tweaking. I will repeat this again, my wife is a native Spanish speaker with a college degree and from Central America.


We are going to get it we do care how.


We are going to get it and it is not important how. Seems to me is the same thing and should be easily understood.


in every day usage the translation is ,no matter how' You way of translation might be correct according to a computer but not as spoken language. My answer should be accepted


I remember reading a comment on lo,la and le. Lo was m, la was f and le was neutral. How do I determine gender in this phrase when they're using the m form. This seems pretty neutral to me, so it should be le. We are going to obtain it.....it has no gender here. Help!!!!!


We're going to get it and we don't care how.


This speaker's enunciation is awful. She regularly drops consonants , adds vowels, loses syllables, barely whispers some words then shouts others. Longer sentences are pronounced as a single garbled word.


A basic question. Why is "We do not care" "no nos importa"? I do not understand using "importar" in 3rd person singular.

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