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"Το τρίγωνο έχει τρεις γωνίες."

Translation:The triangle has three angles.

September 26, 2016



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Phenomenically, angle and γωνία have no common origins. But angle actually comes from the Latin angulus (corner) and the word αγκύλος in greek means crooked, curved.

This symbol -> [ ] is also called αγκύλη in greek. because of the two small angles at the edges. So I guess there is some similarity after all. :P


very interesting. Γωνία means knee. It comes from I.E. gen- (knee), from which La genu from which En knee


Interestiny, in Sanskrit, an angle is called "konas" and the triangle is called "trikonas" ("tri" = three). For me, remembering "τρίγωνο" is very easy indeed!


Is τρεις used instead of τρία because γωνίες is a countable plural?


No, or it is not the whole story: τρεις is the adjectiv three for a masc. or fem. Gr. noun, τρία if the noun is neutral (τρία βιβλία). The genitive is τριών for all.

τρία is the cardinal number three


All triangles have 3 angles, so in English in sentences like this 'A triangle' is more correct. Or am i getting dinged for using 3 instead of three? In math, the ciffers are preferred!


Yes exactly! I would say if you answer this "the triangle has three corners" it is wrong because it implies there are other triangles that do not have three corners. But a triangle by definition has three corners. Only "A triangle has three corners" is correct in my view, and "the triangle has three corners" is wrong.

This clearly illustrates why this construction in general should often be translated into English with a/an. Duolingo moderators should change this across the board.


Please, add "has got":

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