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I have a Gold German tree

287 days after I discovered Duolingo and on a 271 day streak I have finally turned my tree gold!
I always said that I would not write about it but I just have to. I am 74 years old and my memory is not too good so I found it particularly hard going. In the early days I complained about having difficulty understanding the female voice, well, after 287 days and nearly level 20 I still have problems with the voice. I read the discussions every day and get a lot of inspiration from them but my level of German is not good enough to write this in German, so I must keep at it. I am British and I live in Slovenia and today I took part in a grape harvest and there were many Austrians there and I was able to make quite a few comments, very short sentences so I am getting somewhere. Thank you Duolingo for a first class program. Two last items that I need help on. 1. Yesterday for the first time I put a photo on my profile, it is upside down and I cannot change it. 2. When I completed the tree a gold certificate appeared for a while and I would have liked to print it but is has gone. Any ideas. Douglas

September 26, 2016



Congratulations!! Wonderful accomplishment. With the Duolingo tree is impossible to write all you wrote in German, you are doing great. If you click the trophy (the owl at the end of the tree) you will see the certificate and you can print it, you can do a print screen, save the pic and them print it.



  1. Rotate the pic on your computer and then upload to Duolingo:)

  2. Click on the golden owl and it will bring up the certificate again:)

I hope this helps!


wow that's totally brilliant! keep it up. you made it to the point that only a few people can achieve. you sir, are a living legend.


Congratulations Douglas. That is inspiring. I was on my 60 streak and found it motivating to practice each day. Now my streak has gone back to day one. But, I will keep working on my tree. Thanks for the motivation.


your day streak is not important, important is your level of english,german or other language you learn.!!! Never give up, if u stop learing u lose many time! ALWAYS TRY!! :)))


You learn english only for u! :)


Congratulations! I relate to so much of what you say as I am two years older than you. My tree is gold, but it is a constant struggle to keep all that new vocabulary in my head. I am hoping that it is a struggle that is good for me (and for everyone) so I keep at it. Good luck on your future studies. (And, no, I would not be able to write this in German either).


Well done! Mit dem Schreiben muss man einfach einmal beginnen; man kann ja zuerst einmal den Text für sich behalten und erst dann veröffentlichen, wenn man sich einigermaßen sicher fühlt. Es spielt auch keine Rolle, wenn einem einmal ein Fehler unterläuft. Weiterhin viel Vergnügen mit der deutschen Sprache!

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Very cool. About the picture.. you would probably need to rotate the picture itself in your computer... it is hard to help you like this... but perhaps it's easiest to try to take a new picture with your camera or phone and upload it again. I'm guessing your camera/phone was in some auto rotate mode (or maybe it wasn't) ... when you take a new picture try to hold the camera/phone in its default position.


Congratulations! Ausgezeichnet!


Ist Douglas mit Dir verwandt? In Deutschland Opa wird manchmal als Schimpfwort verwendet fuer alte Leute.


Ah, ich wusste das nicht :(. Damit meinte ich nichts Schlechtes. sorry!


SlavLad, ich habe nicht angenommen dass Du unfreundlich bist, ich wollte Dich nur wissen lassen wie das verstanden werden kann.

Dein Deutsch ist gut. :-)


That's great! I hope to get there one day soon too!


You have all my respect and congratulations for your dedication ! You are an inspiration.

[deactivated user]

    Hi Douglas, Congratulations!! In German we say ! Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir.". I am happy that I could learn a much easier language and this is English. If you like and you are interested in a panpall with a German girl send me an email: e.groh at dvi.de. In my case it was a great way to improve my language skills. I wish you a lot of fun. (2. In the case you can't find a print button take "Ctrl+Print" and open a word file. Now take "Ctrl+V". Now you have a double from your screen. In word you can cut which you don't like with "Developmenttools" in German "Entwicklungstools".) Zoobe


    wonderful post, congrats :)!


    You are very successful mr douglas, congrats. I am trying to learn German and English too. This site is very helpful to me. Because i am not very good at these languages. I am following just a few discussion. One of them is yours. Discussions and comments are very helpful to improve my English and German level. Thanks a lot.


    Das ist super!!! Congratulations, you're proof that is never late to learn something new! Very inspiring, keep on going =)




    Gratuliere! Ich finde es gut, dass Du deutsch auch gleich im praktischen Leben anwenden kannst!


    No, I'm German and I live in Germany. Where are you from?


    I never knew about this. I see parts of my trees are gold; others not. I'll read through the discussions to figure it out.


    Please take your computer, rotate it in the air, then upload the photo with your computer upside down. Then with some patience it will be in the correct position. Just be patient....;) I really think you should put a little more effort into learning German .. Just kidding, great work Sir! Keep it up, I envy your 276 Day Streak and your commitment


    Have you read that this gentleman is already 74 years old?


    I have, very impressive :)


    Hast geschafft! Echt ausgezeichnet!


    Gut gemacht!

    Man ist nie zu alt, um neue Dinge zu lernen!


    Congratulations Douglas!


    What is a gold tree what do you do with it


    It means the computer "calculated" you have mastered the tiny section of a unit. You can do this by clicking on strengthen the skill until attained.


    As I understand it, and I may be wrong, the tree consists of many units that turn golden once you mastered the skill. You have a golden tree when you did all of them.


    congratulations bravo

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