"Whose is the soap?"

Translation:Ποιανού είναι το σαπούνι;

September 26, 2016

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"whose soap is this?" perhaps that's more correct.


Then it would be "ποιανού είναι αυτό το σαπούνι". "Whose soap is it?" Is better I think.


yes, that sounds even better.


I think this may be an example of Greek doing a common phrase different from standard US English insofar as in the US people would not likely say "whose is the soap?" although it's not impossible. Rather, US English would tend to do this Gk sentence as aleph-taw indicates. It's interesting that Gk can also do ποιανού είναι αυτό το σαπούνι as troll1995 indicates, but my point is just that Ποιανού είναι το σαπούνι; as "whose is the soap" is not the most natural US English in my experience. Sorry if this is splitting hairs. I won't fall on my sword over it.


Is not 'του ποιου ' also correct?

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