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  5. "Αυτός το απαγορεύει."

"Αυτός το απαγορεύει."

Translation:He forbids it.

September 26, 2016



Same as in french "le". "Le chien" = "the dog" and "je le dis" = "I say it"


which is the sense of το here?

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το is the object here meaning 'it'. There are two ways for saying the phrase in Greek: a) Αυτός απαγορεύει αυτό and b) Αυτός το απαγορεύει. In the second way, the weak form of the pronoun is used and that's why the placement of the object changes and it comes before the verb.


I am sorry, this isn't quite right.

We'd never say «Αυτός απαγορεύει αυτό»

because repeating the same word twice sounds awful.

We would say one of the following: Αυτός το απαγορεύει. or- Αυτός το απαγορεύει αυτό.

or- if you know who you're talking about: Το απαγορεύει αυτό.

Native speaker here, thanks for learning my language.


Why is my answer "He is forbidding it" incorrect?


Because that imparts the sense that he is in the process of forbidding it, which is weird. Like he is in the act of forbidding it but hasn't quite finished yet. It just really doesn't make sense in English.


Would you be able to say "το απαγορεύει" and it mean the same thing because the verb is conjugated already?

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Yes, that's correct. Αυτός is used for emphasis or antithesis (as in he forbids it, not anyone else or He is the one that forbids it)


I think I from now on attend το as a shortening of αυτο.

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