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Problems with Shortcut!!!

I now reached the first Shortcut of Spanisch and did it once. But after that I still wasn't able to continue with the following skills.

I tried doing the Shortcut again, but here comes the next problem: I can't finish it successfully because it is asking me things I can not know to this point. For example there was a sentence with a number in it, but the Numbers Skill will come after the Shortcut. So I have to cheat to continue my learning, but this shouldn't be the meaning of Duolingo, that you need cheats to go through.

Please fix both problems because both are very frustrating and demotivating!

June 16, 2012



I did the Shortcut again and still can't go on. It is very frustrating now! I have mastered every skill completely, so what did I miss?

Please somebody help!!!


We're working on this and should be fixed in a few hours.


Ah, thanks. Now it works.

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