"I am looking for young people and English people."

Translation:Fiatalokat keresek és angolokat.

September 26, 2016

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"Fiatal és angol embereket keresek?". No?

Can't assume they are people the way the question is written, could be just "ones" no?


If you have a free-standing adjective that can describe a person, it's mostly referring to a person. (Note that also a lot of job names are adjectives, like munkás - 'having work', or rendező - 'organising'.)
Your sentence is fine, but since 'people' is mentioned twice in the English translation, I'd also repeat embereket.


In Hungarian, "fiatalok" especially means young people when used on its own. It is kind of a word that became a noun, just like "munkás". So, it is really "young people" that it means here, not "young ones". I guess, context would make the distinction.

Látod azokat a fiatalokat? - Can you see those young people?
Milyen csirkéket kérsz? Fiatalokat. - What kind of chickens do you want? Young ones.


Thanks a lot. I was exactly looking for this...!

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