"The sweater and the jacket."

Translation:Η ζακέτα και το μπουφάν.

September 26, 2016

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This one's tricky for Spanish speakers.

We have this funny sequence of false friends: "chaqueta" (not meaning ζακέτα but μπουφάν), "bufanda" (not meaning μπουφάν but κασκόλ), then casco (not meaning κασκόλ but κράνος) and cráneo (meaning κρανίο).

It totally twists my brain. I hope practice and time will help with using and recognising the words on the go.


JC The Best, you said it! It is a nightmare for Spanish speakers not to confuse all these words.


Gracias por la explicación! Thank you for your explanation!


Although I am starting to understand that ζακέτα is a cardigan and μπουφάν is a parka/jacket, σακάκι has now been added to the answer choices, I have heard σακάκι used for jacket. When picking all correct answers, I am having a problem understanding why "Η ζακέτα και το σακάκι" is wrong.


In the Incubator your answer is shown as correct. I cannot understand why it was rejected. Thank you for telling us which type exercise it was in that is a great help. Can you tell me which answer or answers were shown as correct, if you remember of course, that will also help us to find out why it was not accepted.


Thank you for your answer. I know a little Greek so σακάκι was a word that I knew (or thought I did), but this was the first time I encountered it in Duo. I had listed "Η ζακέτα και το μπουφάν" and "Η ζακέτα και το σακάκι." It was marked wrong, and the correct answer was listed as "Η ζακέτα και το μπουφάν."


"Η ζακέτα και το σακάκι." should have been accepted. Was this a multiple choice question?


Yes. It was multiple choice and I listed both choices as I said above. It was marked wrong and the only correct answer listed by Duo was "Η ζακέτα και το μπουφάν."


Thank you very much. You've helped us pinpoint the problem. I'm sorry your answer was wrongly rejected and trust we can correct this quickly so others don't have the same experience.


I choose μπλούζα for sweater, but I was marked wrong. Also, I think that the most suitable english word for ζακέτα is cardigan, while the most suitable greek word for sweater is πουλόβερ. Am I right? If so, this sentence is an unfortunate choice.


There are various answers for each sentence. You'd do well to use these guidelines to help you progress.



And check out the Greek Forum here with more links.


As long as you understand which article of clothing the Greek word describes don't get tangled up in what's called around the wordl.


Sorry, I forgot to mention: I did make a report before commenting, and I chose "My answer should be accepted" (however, I'm not entirely sure that my answer should have been accepted).

To summarise:

  • the question type wanted me to create a sentence from a list of words

  • the given english sentence was "The sweater and the jacket."

  • I created with the given words "Η μπλούζα και το μπουφάν." The word "ζακέτα" was among the given list of words.

Question: Should my answer be accepted?


Yes, I see what you mean. "Η μπλούζα" is not accepted because we feel it's very different from a "sweater/cardigan etc" since it is lighter and most importanly usually made of woven fabric.

I do consider it unfair that the choice of words included both "μπλούζα" and "ζακέτα" and would cause unnecessary confusion. I'll try to remove it to avoid other such confusion.

The "choose a tile" exercises are created by a computer program that we mods have no way of editing. I'll try to see what we can do to at least eliminate this one.

Thanks for letting us know.


Καλησπέρα. Θεώρησε λανθασμένη τη λέξη «τζάκετ». Στα ελληνικά πάντως τη χρησιμοποιούμε

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