"A lépcsőn mentek fel? De itt van lift is!"

Translation:Are you going up the stairs? But there is an elevator here, too!

September 27, 2016

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Oh how simple life would be if they were to translate "lift" as "lift"


There is also a lift here should be accepted! It is British English...


well, generally it uses American lingo, as in 'elevator' or 'sidewalk' (or more annoyingly 'kindergarten teacher!', and just occasionally English, like' theatre' . It should of course, always accept both.


Dear colleagues,my question was about the Hungarian word ''lift''I remenber when I traveled to Hungary in their houses stood the name for elevator ''felvono'' and another word which I cannot remember.May be ''elevátor Please native Hungarians please comment thanks in advance


--------- bab.la gives me hoist . don't you have google, there in serbia ? . . .

Big 27 apr 19


You are right BigWayne19 but I tried many times google translator and found out that it rarely confirmed the reaal expreession I looked for.So I found that this old Budapest's elevators had the name elevator too only with accent on the ''a''.I have many old dictionaries and than it is ridiculous to read them.


I didn't hear the N in lépcsőn! I reported it.


------- the N in le'pcso"n elides into the "m " of mentek . . .

Big 28 sep 20

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