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  5. "A temetőben lakom."

"A temetőben lakom."

Translation:I live in the cemetery.

September 27, 2016



How would you say: I live in the cemetery, in Hungarian? I am a zombie, by the way.


Why is it 'at the cemetery' instead of 'in'? Wouldn't 'at' be more like -nel, with accent?


I guess different languages use different phrasing with same places.


Nah, it's just wrong. It should be "in the cemetery".


In this case, the person leaves at the cemetary. "In" implies buried there. We would say "at." It is also possible and more common than not to say "I'm at the store," rather than "in the store."

Only if the house or tent is actually built among the graves would I use "in." And that's pretty rare, I'd think.


The -ben suffix implies that the person's house is indeed inside the cemetery. Maybe the person lives in a small chapel on the burial ground; the cemetery in my hometown has one of those.


A temetőnél lakom is better. Or this sentence is a joke.


Cemetery keeper

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Full disclosure: Count Dracula was first played by Bela Lugosi, a Hungarian actor from Lugos (now the town of Lugoj in the Romanian region of Banat (Bánság in Hungarian)


Isn't " ben " IN. Maybe a ghost speaks...


I thought Transylvania was in Romania...


It is, but Transylvania ("Erdély" in Hungarian) has a large population of Hungarians.

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    After the Treaty of Trianon which was signed on June 4th, 1920 and went into effect July 31, 1921, Hungary lost nearly 75% of it's territory. However Hungary lost Transylvania to Romania December 1st, 1918. Though my father was born in Budapest Hungary, both my grandfather and my great grandfather were born in Transylvania, Kingdom of Hungary. My grandpa left with his family when he was about 2 years old and they ended up in Budapest. If you'd like to know more have a look at this interesting link from daily news Hungary from 2018. https://dailynewshungary.com/100-year-anniversary-the-loss-of-transylvania/


    Finally, I can express my life choices to my Hungarian mom.


    Not a native English speaker, but isn't "on the cemetery" better than "in the cemetery"?


    Javra, that doesn't really work in English. A cemetery is a specific area with clear borders, like a park, a market or a country. Those typically use the preposition "in".


    also. among others. if you have time, read Neil Gaiman's Graveyard book. it's great.

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