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  5. "Το υλικό του κουταλιού."

"Το υλικό του κουταλιού."

Translation:The material of the spoon.

September 27, 2016



Have these words (υλικό, κουταλιού) ever appeared in any other lesson?


They didn't show up as new words for me (either?) and I don't remember them being in any of the lessons up until now


no, first time for both of those words. having one new word with a choice that you can figure out from the answer tiles is ok, but 2 new words and extra answers that don't match up to previously learned words makes it improbable


ειδα την λεξη "υλικο" στο μαθημα "Clothing"


Does this mean: "the substance that the spoon is made out of" ? or what ? This is not a phrase I would ever use in English?


It means what you said. It is an awkward phrase in Greek as well.


I always thought υλικό was ingredient, thus I wrote "the spoon's ingredient"


Υλικό can mean material, and also ingredient when referring to a cooking recipe.


I think they're just trying to throw us off since it's so similar to το γλυκό του κουταλιού. I let my Greek gf listen to the audio and she started to explain what a spoon sweet was to me, so even natives struggle, apparently :P


Thank you! I wasn't sure if it was the same word with γλυκό until you have written this :)


Thank you. I'm familiar with γλυκό but not with υλικό. That's why I didn't notice the difference.


Pronounced "ylikó" or "ylkó"?


"ilikó", five discreet sounds. I admit the second "i" can't be heard clearly, but it is there. In general, I don't think we omit any written letters when pronouncing words in Greek.


I was marked wrong for saying 'the spoon material'. Both this and the given translation of 'the material of the spoon' are perfectly correct in english and should be accepted translations.


Yet native speakers said it's a matter of usage and is not actually said. Because, languages, I guess.


Could one say "Το υλικό του κουταλιού είναι μέταλλο."?

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Yes, but it's more common to say το κουτάλι είναι μεταλλικό=the spoon is metallic.


This is not a phrase to use in a lesson. Its so awkward i doubted myself, yet i was right. The phrase makes no sense


I also didn't hear the second i. It would be nice if the prononciation was consistent, but maybe it just isn't in reality?

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I do not like to be asked a new word first time in a listening exercise.


Why isn't "the spoon material" accepted?


Not that "The material of the spoon" is the best thing to say, but "The spoon material" sounds worse.


I enjoy learning new words, such as material, but "The material of the spoon", is just plain daft. Who would say that in English or in Greek?

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The point is to learn vocabulary and syntax. We're not suggesting you repeat these sentences. Haven't you seen any of the viral posts on the internet...Reddit, twitter, wiki, Instagram, Pinterest etc with the funny/dumb sentences used on Duolingo.


There has been a few sentences now in this section that don't make sense grammatically in english. You don't say the colour of the elephant is grey or the material of the spoon. Its simply the Elephant is grey or the elephant's colour is grey. Or in this case, the spoon's material. These are just literal translations that are not used in regular conversation. Furthermore, they should not be marked wrong if a different more correct answer is chosen. Still a lot of work that Duolingo needs to invest in Greek to improve it. But, at least we have this available.

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"the spoon's material" is one of the accepted answers which I'm assuming you tried and had rejected. We can't see what you wrote so have no way of knowing. You should have made a REPORT or provided a screenshot. If you have a "more correct answer" please share it so we can add it.

If it wasn't accepted it means you had a mistake in the sentence. You should have made a report. TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM…..
https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028And check out the Greek Forum here with more links. https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936

If you have a non-literal translation for any of the exercises please contribute them to the course. We have regulations to determine which vocabulary we are allowed to use at each level which makes it hard to come up with better translations so we can clearly use all the help we can get.


Are the form of the source language and target language correct?


the speaker who is generally very sloppy sounds like το υλικό του χουταλιού

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It sounds correct to us. Don't worry you'll get used to it.


but as you certainly know the woman and the man speak the same differently

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Yes, and this sentence they both pronounce correctly.


the woman utters κουταλιού the man: χουταλιού

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We, moderators, are here to deal with language-related issues, beyond that we can give our opinion on the audio simply as native Greek speakers. If you still feel the audio is not correct you need to address your comments to the

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