"The burglars run away from the policemen."

Translation:A betörők elfutnak a rendőrök elől.

September 27, 2016

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why dont we say rendörökröl? because of elfutnak?


Never "-ről", because that would mean that they were standing on some policemen.

"Rendőröktől" would be a possibility, if they were standing next to the policemen before.

But in a chase situation, they may have never been together at the same place before. By the time the policemen get there, the burglars are already gone. The policemen are after them, they have the burglars in front of their (minds') eyes. And the burglars run away from (in front of) the policemen.


This is exactly the visualization we need! Good sentence to learn from.


This is the mistake I made - I wrote rendőröktől, which was incorrect because Duo wanted rendőrök elöl. But it's been a while since I did this set of lessons, so "elöl" never even occurred to me. Guess I need a review.

This was particularly frustrating because in the following exercise was to translate "the tourists go up to the tower and take pictures..." I wrote "töröny felé" because I thought I remembered that meant "up," but this time, it wanted törönyből. Definitely need a review!


Actually, how do we know they're running away from in front of the police? Maybe they were behind the police, saw them, and ran off in another direction? Why would Duo expect us to know where exactly the burglars were in relation to the police when they started running?


What role does elől play here? It's mentioned nowhere in the hints.



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