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Is anybody willing to help me with Spanish sentence structure? The way to write sentences is confusing. Also, would be best if you can speak English because, well, my Spanish is muy malo. I mean it. Can anyone help?

September 27, 2016



to be honest, yeah it can be a bit confusing. any example sentences you can give us?


mostly just easy sentences like ones that you'd use in a conversation. Like I noticed if you were saying 'a blue chair' it would be structured like 'a chair blue' but 'that chair is blue' would be written normally. Just wondering how I can get around those kinds of things, like any cheats? I don't wanna make a fool of myself in Spain ahah


i can help you if you want :D i know quite a bit of spanish that i learnt before duolingo so im not really 4% fluent >.<


I can help you I speak both English and Spanish Good :D


Hi, a lot of the basic stuff is explained in the Tips and Notes early in the course. This is the "Tips and Notes" section from the "Animals" skill:

Tips and notes

Adjectives. As a general rule, in Spanish adjectives come after the noun they describe, e.g.

An English dog / Un perro inglés

A Spanish horse / Un caballo español


That said, you will need resources other than Duolingo. Duolingo does not explain a lot of the grammar and rules; they expect you pick it up through immersion/exposure/intuition.

I really like SpanishDict.com's video lessons - they do a great job of explaining the grammar. http://www.spanishdict.com/learn/courses


Language Transfer (You Tube) is very helpful.


I'd be happy to help you! ^-^

Just post on my thread, and I'll start explaining it to you.

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