"I can not stay here."

Translation:Nem tudok itt maradni.

September 27, 2016

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It's interesting to see that to know and can are interchangeable in Hungarian. Can someone elaborate more on that?


I would put it this way: "tudni" means both "to know" and "to be able to" (can).

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What I can tell as native Hungarian, I would use "nem maradhatok itt". "Nem tudok itt maradni" means to me it is impossible to stay here, but the former one means I have a good reason to leave, I have to go elsewhere. I would never say "Nem tudok itt maradni" in real life, that is something very strong and rare, like atomic catastrophe or something. The other one seems a more common phrase. Google the two in which context they appear. Literature has my version most. The other appears in popular culture only as a stron expression. Something tragic or so.


I would agree with this. Nem tudok maradni sounds strange as translation I cannot stay here.

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