September 27, 2016



Cer is used more in South Wales and dos in North Wales


Why are there so many words for go?


It is just how the language has developed - nobody sat down and designed it! Different forms might come from older words no longer used, perhaps. In summary, though:

  • Informal singular - Cer! or Dos!
  • Formal or plural - Ewch! or Cerwch!

There will be some other local variations, too, I expect.


The same way Spanish has ir (to go) voy (i go) and fui (I went) or English has go and went. Common verbs commonly have big irregularities carried down from various forms.


i thoughy 'mynd' was 'go'?


mynd is the basic form of the verb (the verb-noun) for 'to go, going'.

Here, we are using the exclamation mark to highlight that 'Go!' is a command form of the verb, as in 'Go home!', 'Go and phone for an ambulance!', and so on.


How would you say, "Go away!" ?

Cer bant! ?


Several expressions:

  • Cer/Dos o 'ma! - Get/Go away (from here)!
  • Cer/Dos o 'na! - Get/Go away from there!
  • Cer ma's/allan!, Dos allan! - Get out!
  • Cer/Dos bant/i ffwrdd! - Go away!

And various other ruder ones involving scratching, or playing with your Granny - the Clwb Malu Cachu web-site had a collection of them at one time, which might still be there perhaps.


What is the infinitive/verb-noun of this verb? When the hint said 'get' as well as 'go' I thought it must be cael - but that doesn't have a command form. [Sorry, I like grammar]


See the earlier answer - mynd (going)


Yes, I was a bit slow. I didn't realise it was actually a form of mynd. Mynd? Is that perverse, or what! :-D (Need to look at that verb in more detail)

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