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  5. "Liker du februar?"

"Liker du februar?"

Translation:Do you like February?

September 27, 2016



Ja, bursdagen min er i februar!


No, it's the worst month for different reasons : - It's too cold

  • It's an instable weather

  • Its short end takes us by surprise when we pass directly from the 28th to the 1st, if we don't get a duplicitious 29th

  • There isn't any holidays or celebration

  • It's far from Christmas

  • It's an ugly name

  • And although it's not a good month, it's not that bad so I struggle to find other reasons and making it difficult gives me another reason to hate it.

Don't argue, it's personal. I skip february every year. I've a 49-days long January.


There's valentines day and shrove tuesday, also my birthday thank you very much xD


Norwegian doesn't capitalize days of weeks or months?

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