"The boy lives on a beautiful island."

Translation:Το αγόρι ζει σε ένα όμορφο νησί.

September 27, 2016

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Must there be an indefinite article in this sentence?


Yes, in general when you start describing something that on its own could work without the article, it sounds weird to leave it out. For example:
Μένω σε (μία) πολυκατοικία. - Μένω σε μία τεράστια πολυκατοικία.


Couldn't the boy also live πάνω σε ένα όμορφο νησί?


No "πάνω" would only be used if there was physically something on something, for example "the cat is on the table."


One of the 3 options: Αυτό αγόρι κατοικεί σε ένα πανέμορφο νησί. Wicked trick questions! You wonder about the παν- and miss the missing το... :-D


I am so glad you mentioned this. Out of the many choices we give for each sentence, this exercise chose one from the bottom of the list. I've removed all such so as not to confuse anyone. Many thanks.


Your so kind, jaye16. Even with a το I would have been wrong... I was just looking at the rest of the sentence, also wondering if κατοικεί could pass for lives. But this is really the first time I've seen such a 'close' answer.


Yes, I've sent an enquiry to learn where these sentences are chosen from. That we we'll note where to enter each. Thanks again for the post and the lingots.


I wrote το αγόρι μένει σε μία όμορφη νήσο DL marked it right can island be feminine as well


Hi! Yes, the island in Greek is «το νησί» (neuter) or «η νήσος» (feminine), which is slightly more formal as a word and not as used colloquially as the neuter one.


Hi on the same sentence, I used μένει too but it was rejected, I thought it would be OK to use instead of ζει?


"μένει" has been one of the accepted translations for over 3 years. If your sentence was rejected it was due to something else. However, since you only give us one word we have no way of helping.

You should have made a Report:

Here's how to report. Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see "REPORT" Click on that:

Then choose what you want to REPORT: (You'll see these to choose from.)

-The audio does not sound correct.

-The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.

-The Greek sentence is unnatural or has an error.

-The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.

-My answer should be accepted. This is the one you should click on if your translation was not accepted.

After choosing the REPORT you want to make you should post on the comment page.


is that would be acceptable το αγόρι ζει στο όμορφο νησί?


No, you've written 'the boy lives on the beautiful island', not 'a beautiful island'.

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