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  5. "Το αγόρι δεν πίνει κρασί."

"Το αγόρι δεν πίνει κρασί."

Translation:The boy does not drink wine.

September 27, 2016



Once I learned that in Greek sometimes the pronunciation goes across multiple words like in "δεν πίνει". Like the letter combination "μπ" is pronounced "mb", in this case the two words are pronounced as one like "δεμπίνει" with an "mb" sound in the middle. Is this true?


On the mobile app "boy" wasn't an option. Instead it was "boyfriend"...


So κρασι means wine. I thought wine was οινοσ or was it only ancient greek


οίνος is indeed Ancient Greek.

You might hear it in the context of the sacrament at church (church Greek is full of archaicisms) but the general word in modern Greek is κρασί.

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I'd like to add that while not used in everyday speech, most wine bottles have "Οίνος λευκός/ Οίνος ερυθρός" labels on them.


I see. I am new to the world of Greek, by curiosity, how much could a native Greek understand from an ancient Greek text. WOuld it be like Italian/Latin, where I guess not a lot of understanding could be reached without first learning Latin, or is it closer?

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Foundalis scores pretty high, I hope this is not what the 'average Greek' is expected to be able to understand/translate from ancient texts!! Cool thread :)

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