Translation:I would like some more milk, please.

2 years ago



I try my best to not use the hover hints as a crutch whenever possible and perhaps it's just bad luck up until now that I haven't seen this exercise before.

However, "nog" until now for me has only been used to mean "yet" or "still." You see where this is going. My answer was incorrect.

I entered "I would still like some milk, please." Word ordering seemed a little weird, but then again, I am still incredibly new to this, a lot of Dutch word ordering still gives me issues, and the words I used do seem to directly translate, if a bit out of order.

❤❤❤ zeg je: "I would still like some milk, please" in het Nederlands? Is there a major difference?

2 years ago

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Ik wil nog steeds graag wat melk, aub.

2 years ago


What does "Nog" means itself?

2 years ago



1 year ago
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