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"A bűnöző két rendőr között lép be a rendőrségre."

Translation:The criminal is stepping into the police station between two policemen.

September 27, 2016



My answer: "The criminal between two police officers steps into the police station."

Duolingo answer on question page: "The criminal steps between two policemen into the police station" ("steps" and "policemen" underlined).

1) I used "police officers" instead of "policemen." This has been discussed many times before and is probably just an oversight.

2) I did not put "steps" immediately after "The criminal." My answer implies that the criminal is entering the police station while escorted by two police officers. The Duolingo answer implies that as the criminal enters into the police station, he has to walk between two police officers. The Duolingo discussion answer could be interpreted as the criminal walking alone into the police station that is located between two police officers (not logical, but possible).

I think my answer best reflects the Hungarian. Is my answer wrong, or should I report it as correct?


Is Hungarian a programming language or something why do they have to be so picky


i cant decide which case i use. why dont we say rendörsegbe instead of rendörsegre?


"Belép a rendőrségbe" would rather mean that he is joining the police force.
There is not much logic behind it but you can think of "rendőrség" as not a building but rather a government organization, or a location. So they do not step into it, in Hungarian. You could say the police building with "-be": "a rendőrség épületébe".


Exactly, we learned that with (this kind of) institutions / organizations you use the -n, -ra/re, -ról/ről endings: a postán, a rendőrségre, az egyetemen...


Why not belép in this case?

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