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  5. "Μία γάτα"

"Μία γάτα"

Translation:A cat

September 27, 2016



Fun fact: "gata" means female cat in Spanish and "mia" means my when talking of a female noun.


haha, that's exactly what tripped me up when I did this exercise


I guess that "tripped me up" is a kind of slang. Will you help me please to understand it? As a non-native English speaker I looked up in the dictionary but could not find the proper meaning.


Literally, "it caused me to trip" (i.e. for my foot to get caught on something, making me stumble and fall), so metaphorically, it confused him and caused him to make a mistake.


Thanks a lot for the explanation.


Please don't refer to me as "him" but otherwise yeah!


Aren't you V for Vendetta?

[deactivated user]

    It's so hard to hear μία and not think it means my


    A minha gata = Η γάτα μου. The use of articles in Portuguese is often very similar to Greek.


    Yes, especially the masculine definite article. Even though μία γάτα means a cat, it sounds a lot like minha gata in Portuguese, and I thought it was funny. ;)


    Quando usar "Μία" e "Ένα"?


    Is it possible to say "μία γάτα μου"? (It hasn't to do with the original exercise).

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    Yes and it would mean "one of my cats". Let's say you have 5 cats and you want to refer to something that one of your cats did withiut caring which of them did it: one of my cats broke the vase=Μία/μια απο τις γάτες μου or μια/μία γάτα μου έσπασε το βάζο.


    Thanks. It was a doubt I had. I already knew "η γάτα μου" and wanted a clarification about "μία γάτα μου".

    By the way, does it exist only the word "από" or is there a word like "άπο"?

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    Only από (from) ;)


    Καλημέρα! I was wondering if there was a male version of this noun to refer to a male cat?

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    Yes, you can say ο γάτος. There is also το γατί, which is used either instead of the feminine word (which refers to any cat really) or specifically for young cats. You can see more about gendered nouns for animals here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27198534.


    That is weird. I entered 'a cat'. It told me I was wrong and that the correct answer was 'a cat'. Oh dear.


    If it was a "type what you hear" exercise, you have to type what you hear. If the voice speaks Greek, you have to type in Greek.


    I'm sorry to say that sometimes the recording is not good. I've known the word 'γατα' for decades and it sounded like the recording put an extra syllable in the beginning! I more or less used the process of elimination.


    Could it be that it's the "α" in "Μία" that's throwing you off?


    I typed the correct answer to μια Υατα and you marked me wrong...why?


    I typed the correct answer to μια Υατα and you marked me wrong...why?

    μια Υατα is not correct.

    It should be μία γάτα with accent marks on the accented vowels and with a gamma (γ Γ) at the beginning of the second word, not an upsilon (υ Υ).

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