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"A fiatal mexikói művész a híres szálloda mellett fényképezik."

Translation:The young Mexican artist is taking photos beside the famous hotel.

September 27, 2016



I don't seem to recognize the suffix on "fényképezik." Could someone say something about this "ik" ending?


I'm wondering about this "ik" ending too.


So I'm curious about the audio for this, specifically the way it pronounces "híres szálloda". On it's own, you pronounce híres (when you anglicize it) as "hir-esh". But in the audio here, it's coming out sounding more like híresz because it's immediately followed by 'szálloda'. Is that intentional?


It is more like natural. It rolls off the tongue like that much easier. Try "fish sandwich". You are welcome to spell out all the sounds as they are written but they easily blend together.

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