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Real Occupations

I've been working through the occupations section and now know the words for king, queen, count, captain, several military ranks, bishop, ... and so on. Sure teacher, doctor, lawyer, policeman, and judge are all fair enough. I actually know people with those jobs. But how about including some more real world jobs? You know, ones that we might actually need when speaking Spanish. E.g. Carpenter, Plumber, Builder, Electrician, Butcher, Accountant, Programmer, Florist, Pharmacist, ... There's lots to choose from, and any of those will be much more useful to me than Count.

February 7, 2013



Do these not appear further down the skill tree? I agree that the way and sequence Duolingo teaches vocabulary can be a bit strange. Learning the Spanish equivalents of Colonel, Commander and Lieutenant so early would in my opinion be far less useful to someone that the examples you give. Chalk it up to another DuoBot idiosyncrasy.


Yep. But one of the best accessories to Duolingo is a decent Spanish/English dictionary. :) You can also find apps and books that offer vocab lists by category. For iPod apps check out Tapflash, Ultralingua, SpanishDict, Babbel, and Byki. Spanish TT is a good app for syntax and grammar. If you want more details on books or apps, just ask me.

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