"Talwch chi"

Translation:You will pay

September 27, 2016

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Just wondering - can this be used in the same idiomatic way in English when you say "You will pay!" when you're angry and want to take revenge?


I certainly can't see why not, I probably would though that might be just me using anglicisms in my Welsh.


Would you use the formal version in this case or the informal, in your opinion? It would seem odd to me to have to use a polite way of saying this when I'm supposed to be demanding revenge from someone who's done me wrong.


It could be that you're talking to more than one person.


Conversely, I think it would seem strange to me to use the familiar version in that instance. I get the impression that ti vs. chi in singular is more a choice of familiarity than politeness (though, being overly familiar with someone can be considered impolite).


I think using the familiar could add to the threat or insult; perhaps a bit like calling someone "mate" or "pal" when they're not.

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