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"Det finns många speglar restaurangen."

Translation:There are many mirrors at the restaurant.

September 27, 2016



I wrote "There are many mirrors in the restaurant". I'm not sure one would say "at" the restaurant, unless the mirrors were having dinner there themseles


I might actually make the same argument about the Swedish sentence. Neither strikes me as 100 % sensible. But then again, neither seems wrong, either.


I would say at or in in my dialect.


Are the things inside the restaurant at the restaurant or in the restaurant? I ask the same in Swedish, could it be i restaurangen?


It was a missing translation, but I've added it now. As noted above, I prefer "in" for both languages here, although others will feel differently. :)


Translating på as "in" makes a lot of sense in this context, because mirrors are normally inside, but is there a way to distinguish "in" vs. "at" in this sentence in Swedish if, for example, the mirrors were all in the parking lot outside the restaurant.

And then, reiterating EzuPo's question, how would one emphasize that the mirrors were, perhaps surprisingly, really on the inside of the restaurant?


Sure, you could use e.g. vid for that - it generally means "by". And to put emphasis on the mirrors being inside the restaurant, I'd go for inuti.


"in the restaurant" is still missing =(


I'm not a contributor any longer, so I'm afraid I can't validate the contents.


Why there are not there is?


"mirrors" is in the plural, so it needs to be "are".

It's not that uncommon to use "there is" for either in everyday speech, but we need to enforce a little "proper" grammar in the course. :)


Not totally common either though. In professional settings it's frowned upon (by native speakers, if English isn't your first language people are much more forgiving).


Why not 'There exists many mirrors at the restaurant.' ?


That construction is completely unidiomatic English.


It might be because you used the singular verb "exists" for "mirrors," which is plural.

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