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  5. "Οι φίλοι και τα μπισκότα."

"Οι φίλοι και τα μπισκότα."

Translation:The friends and the cookies.

September 27, 2016



makings of a great sitcom right there


Is there any grammatical or historical reason for the fact that all of the English words I have seen starting with the letter "B" seem to be translated into the Greek and start with the letters "μπ"? Is this a fixed rule, are there exceptions to this rule or am I just making too much of coincidence?


Greek doesnt have a one letter for the phoneme "b", it has to use the combination " μπ". So yes, it is a fixed rule ;)


Οι φίλοι and η φίλη sound the same. Why you count as mistake?


They may sound the same but they don't mean the same, do they? The first is a plural (the friends) whereas the second is a feminine singular (the -female- friend). Good luck with this! I am struggling.

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This seems to have been a Listening Exercise where it is impossible to know if it is singular or plural and as G.Georgopoulos pointed out only one can be accepted by the database. We have removed this sentence as a Listening exercise to avoid confusion.

And if we can help you with your struggles please ask we are here to help.


Listening exercises mark correct only the existing sentences on the database.


I'm guessing the word μπισκότα means the English biscuits that Americans would call cookies. Is that correct?

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Yes, both "cookies" and "biscuits" are correct and accepted translations.

In fact, the answer at the top of this page should say: "The friends and the cookies." since we teach US English here.

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