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"The dinner is very delicious."

Translation:Bữa tối rất ngon.

September 28, 2016



Does bữa tối really méan dinner? I never heard a Vietnamese using it in this sense. Is it a Northern term?

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I think it miss the word "ăn" , thus "bữa ăn tối" means dinner


"bữa" (danh từ # n): để chỉ ăn uống vào thời điểm nào đó (bữa sáng # breakfast, bữa trưa # lunch, bữa tối # dinner, bữa xế / nửa bữa # afternoon dinner,...) ; "buổi" /hoặc "ban" (danh từ # n) : để chỉ khoảng thời gian (buổi /ban sáng # morning, buổi /ban trưa # afternoon, buổi /ban tối # night,...) @ "bữa" refer to meals, "buổi /ban" refer to time. You do not need to use the word "ăn", the Vietnamese still understand, that is the meals.


It's used throughout the country. Bữa ăn = a meal.

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