"That strange singer sings about curtains and carpets."

Translation:Az a furcsa énekesnő függönyökről és szőnyegekről énekel.

September 28, 2016

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Is énekesfüggönyökről, like, an actual word? Apparently I was supposed to know that it would make for a correct sentence.


You mean "énekesfüggönyökről" as one word? No, it should be two separate words. But that is just because singing curtains have not been invented yet, as far as I know.


Why must "énekel" come at the end of the sentence (as opposed to " a furcsa énekesnő énekel függönyökről és szőnyegekről")?


Duo's preferred translation has the most neutral word order. Yours is correct too (so I recommend reporting it if it wasn't accepted), but it emphasises énekesnő: she's the one who sings about this stuff and not someone else.

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