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"We move away from this river."

Translation:Elköltözünk ettől a folyótól.

September 28, 2016



This is giving me a headache. Why is it "-től" instead of "-böl"?


Because you live (and consequently move away from) next to the river (-től, -tól) , not INSIDE the river (-ból, -ből) .


Please, can someone explaine the meanings of the words "erről" and "ebből"?


"erről" means "this" when you are moving away from a surface; "ebből" means "this" when you are moving away from inside something.


Is elhalad also accepted as an answer? I think both would make sense as far as a translation of the English sentence.


Logically, maybe, but "halad" is not really used in this sense. It is used mostly to describe a continuous movement, in progress. As in being on its way. For example, the new space probe is moving towards Mars. "A Mars felé halad." On its way it passes by Jupiter. "Elhalad a Jupiter mellett."
Here, I would say "eltávolodunk", literally, "distancing ourselves (away)". Or just "elmegyünk", we go away.
The space probe is also moving away from (putting some distance between itself and) Saturn. "(El)távolodik a Szaturnusztól."


Aha! "b" indicates being within something. Or its confines.

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