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"I like painting rail stations, not markets."

Translation:Pályaudvarokat szeretek festeni, nem piacokat.

September 28, 2016



Isn't this also correct? "Vasútállomásokat szeretek festeni, nem piacokat."


I know, I'm a native speaker. I hope support will see this so they can fix this.


They should really add Pályaudvarokat as a translation when you have to type in hungarian, because when I try to peak, this word never comes up, and it won't accept the word that does show up


Is it acceptable to put the object after the verb -- szeretek festeni pályaudvarokat? If this is strange, could someone please explain?


In Hungarian, word order conveys emphasis. 'Szeretek festeni pályaudvarokat' in itself is correct, but that sentence is emphasis-neutral - you say that you like painting railway stations, that's all. But if you want to say you like painting railway stations and not markets, that puts emphasis on 'railway stations', and that changes word order to 'Pályaudvarokat szeretek festeni', putting the thing emphasized in first place.


That's what I did, and it works in conversational Hungarian.

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