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Diacritics in Vietnamese

I'm using the Vietnamese keyboard settings to create diacritics, such as 4 for ô, 6 for ẻ, 0 for đ, etc. Unfortunately duolingo doesn't seem to recognize them. When I type a word correctly, it still mentions it as "almost correct" and marks the diacritics as errors... Luckily "almost correct" is good enough for the program, but it gives me less error margin.

NB: I don't use the unikey, because I'm not used to that. I'm used to the Windows keyboard settings, which I guess should work as well.

September 28, 2016



I used to use the Windows keyboard and had the same problem. Interestingly, I also had the same issue on a Memrise course, which I originally created using UniKey but was learning with the Windows keyboard. Maybe the character sets the keyboards use are coded differently or something - I don't know, I'm clearly not a computer person.

I would give UniKey a try, though. It's a bit clunky at first but after a few weeks of using it I found the layout easier to remember and my typing speed improved quite a lot. Plus I stopped getting (...as many) "almost correct" notices on Duolingo and my Memrise course started accepting my answers.


you can try unikey. All of us uses it. it is easier than windows keyboard. it take 2 or 3 week to learn.


I use AVIM extension for Chrome with Telex. It's okay, except that my Vietnamese does not work in any other program except the browser.

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